Melanie Iglesias Wearing Eyeglasses Will Help Focus Your Vision [Photos]

melanie iglesias in glasses

What guy doesn’t have a thing for beautiful librarians? OK, maybe we’re just nerdy English-major bloggers, but we appreciate any female bookworm, especially if she’s wearing a bikini. The above pic of Melanie Iglesias could inspire guys everywhere to hit the nearest Barnes & Noble. She’s doing a wonderful service for literature, really.

The photo isn’t a Department of Education public service announcement, though — it’s actually to promote “Ultra Dance 15,” an album of remixes from Robin Thicke, Steve Aoki, Diplo, Linkin Park and more. And our friends at BroBible have a bunch more pics from the shoot, so go take a look and you’ll be seeing 20/20 in no time. (If you ask us, Melanie should be selling bifocals under the brand name “IGLASSias.”)

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Photo Credit: “Ultra Dance 15″ via BroBible

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