Slang Words That Make You Sound Like A 13-Year-Old Girl

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Credit: Merve Karahan

Sometimes it’s hard to come up with the right words, but that doesn’t mean you have to pretend you’ve changed your gender and cut your age in half to get your point across. Certain slang words, texting acronyms and other cutesy catchphrases have trickled down into the bowels of the English language. Now they rest comfortably in the vocabulary of teenage girls.

Fear not, though, we’re about to hold up a mirror and show you the truth when it comes to your favorite sayings. Here are seven words to eliminate from your vocab so you can finally sound like an adult.

1. “Totes”

Unless you’re referencing rain boots or waterproof gloves, then “Totes” probably shouldn’t fly out of your mouth. You can take the extra two seconds and say the complete word: Totally. It doesn’t take that long to talk. Really.

2. “OMG”

This is more for texting purposes, though if you actually say “OMG” or “Oh Em Gee” out loud, then we have even bigger problems to work on. Find another word to denote that you’re shocked via text. “Wow” is perfectly fine. Even “Whoa.” But “OMG”? Nah.

3. “ZOMG”

What is that anyway? Zoe-My-God? Zooey Deschanel-My-God? “ZOMG” is the drunk cousin of “OMG,” and while drunk cousins are usually cool, this one isn’t.

4. “Cray”

Uh no. Jay Z and Kanye West may have invented this abbreviated version of “Crazy” years back, but even they’ve stopped using it. So should you. Here’s a hint of advice: Don’t use words that are now airbrushed on the butts of girls’ sweatpants.

5. “BFF”

It’s so awesome how close you are to your best friend. So close, in fact, that you think your friendship will last forever. Still, let’s not refer to him as your “BFF.” And add to that, “biffles.”

6. “Chillaxin”

The words “chillin” and “relaxing” separately are perfectly fine. Put them together, though, and the result is “Chillaxin,” a word that’s not meant to be spoken. The next time you need to “Chillax,” don’t tell anyone about it and just take a nap.

7. “Cheddar”

When you’re referring to a type of cheese, use the word “cheddar.” When you’re referring to money, use the word “money,” because the word “cheddar” is for little girls who need to ask for cash from their “‘rents” (don’t use that word either).

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Kathy Iandoli (@Kath3000) totes goes cray for Biebs. ZOMG!