What Your Co-Workers’ Desktop Wallpaper Says About Them

1.My Cat Did The Cutest Thing Yesterday


Like the new girl in the office? Is her desktop wallpaper her cats reenacting a scene from “Pirates of the Caribbean“? It doesn’t matter how awesome her boobs are — you need to run! Otherwise her 18 cats will smother you in your sleep.

2. Who’s Your Favorite Star Trek Captain?


If your work mate is rockin’ the Star Trek Enterprise-D as his wallpaper … he’s never given the D.

3. Uploading Upton/Downloading Sadness


This is your boss, and his midlife crisis is going GREAT.

4. His Car Magazine Subscriptions Are More Expensive Than His Car


We all know Dave from accounting drives a Nissan Versa hatchback to work but from 9-5, he’s Vin Diesel.



Rep your home team! These are the die hard fans — listen to sports radio and looking at mock drafts all day, checks fantasy rosters every 10 minutes but only checks work email every eight hours.

Wallpaper Photo Credits: DesktopNexus, StarTrekDesktopWallpaper, Desktop.FreeWallpaper4.Me

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