10 Movies To Watch Before Going Out

Credit: MGM

This is a list of movies. It’s not just any list of flicks, though. This list doesn’t include movies that’ll make you think about the world or your emotions. It is not about awards or actors playing characters that battle their own flaws. No, none of that.

This is a list of movies featuring guys getting girls, overcoming odds and having the time of their lives. This is a list of movies you watch for inspiration, for motivation and to psyche you up before leaving the house and creating one of your own nights to remember.

“Ocean’s Eleven”

oceans eleven warner bros
Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

A gang of guys looking sharp and working all the angles? Check. A big-time score that requires everyone on the same page? Check. A movie that will inspire you to act cool under pressure and work with what ya got? Damn straight.


friday-new-line-cinema BIG
Credit: New Line Cinema

Guy-flicks can be categorized as Action Movie, Party Movie or Hangout Movie. In “Friday,” the Hangout Movie is taken to new heights as Craig and Smokey spend a day together with one of their best buds. Throw this on before going out and you’re sure to be quoting it with your friends all night.

“Rocky IV”

rocky iv mgm
Credit: MGM

Something weird happened with the Rocky movies. They went from Underdog Art Flick to Let’s-Just-Inspire-Dudes-By-Having-Rocky-Beat-The-Crap-Outta-Someone-Bigger-Flicks. “Rocky 4” is arguably the best one, and if it doesn’t motivate you to get out there and live your life, then maybe this montage of Rocky training in Russia will.


superbad-columbia-pictures big
Credit: Columbia Pictures

Sometimes we need a little hope before heading out into the night. In “Superbad” we root for the weird, nerdy kids to be the heroes we imagine ourselves being the night of a party. Get the booze, get to the bash and get the girls — the ultimate formula for becoming Party Boss for the evening.

“8 Mile”

8mile-universal-pictures big
Credit: Universal Pictures

This movie is like injecting confidence straight to your veins. It’s impossible not to watch that final battle scene and feel like a king. Seriously, watch that scene and once the movie ends you’ll walk with the swagger of a million Eminems, keeping everyone in check as you hold court.

“Old School”

old school dreamworks pictures
Credit: DreamWorks Pictures

A party movie, but one with a heart (sorta), “Old School” proves that fun is ageless and as long as you can manage to book Snoop Dogg to perform in your backyard, everything will turn out fine in the end. If you can’t, not to worry. You can still salvage a good time on your own terms by screaming “Frank! The! Tank!” or getting two topless women to wrestle in a pool of KY.


swingers independent pictures
Credit: Independent Pictures

A timeless guy-flick, which fully introduced the public to the fast-talking slick of Vince Vaughn. We’re certain by the end of the movie, you’ll be calling the girls “beautiful babies,” swigging booze and scoring numbers just like Trent and Mikey as they navigate their way around L.A. and Vegas.

Any “Fast & Furious” Movie

Credit: Universal Pictures

Sure, these flicks are the legacy of Paul Walker, and this entire franchise will pump you up to get out there and kick the night’s ass. Fast cars and big action are all we need to watch to get us psyched for an all-night marathon of debauchery and big action.

“Project X”

project-x-warner-bros-pictures big
Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

We loved this movie. Nothing amps up the night like watching a party get so out of control, it practically takes on a life of its own. Throw this on when you feel like replicating the most fun night of your life, y’know, minus all the drugs and getting punched in the nuts by a little person.

“The Show”

the show rysher entertainment
Credit: Rysher Entertainment

Suppose we told you in the summer of ’95 that a documentary about hip-hop came out featuring footage and performances by Biggie, Dre, Snoop, Diddy, Run-D.M.C., Wu-Tang and a slew of legends and memorable one-hit wonders. Dr. Dre says, “F*ck what people got to say, I don’t give a f*ck,” in the opening minutes and there’s no better tone set for the movie and your night out. Absorb the energy of this doc and we GUARANTEE you’ll spend the night feeling untouchable.

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RG Daniels (@RGDaniels) is a comedian and writer in Brooklyn, NY. His first book, “Ten Shows”, is available on paperback and Kindle.