The Super Chill Life Of Bro Snowmen [Photos]

Photos via TheCHIVE

Earlier this week we brought you the sexiest snowwomen of winter 2014, and while any snowman would give his snowballs — and maybe even his carrot — for one steamy night with those 32D(egrees or less) beauties, sometimes the ladies all seem frigid. And that’s when a snow bro needs to have a “guys’ ice out,” chilling with his boys and partying their ices off, at least until the cops bust it up and yell, “Freeze!”

All right, this blog post is devolving to the level of Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s dialogue in “Batman & Robin,” so check out these 35 pics of snowmen who are seriously cool dudes over at TheCHIVE and share ‘em with your warm-blooded buds while drinking Natty Ice.



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