Today’s Badass: Fireman Puts Out Beer Truck Blaze With Beer

Credit: Orin Zebest/Flickr

Firefighting is a high-risk, high-reward profession. The risk is obvious; the reward is that pretty much anyone will buy you a beer after work. Sometimes, though, popping open brewskies is part of the job.

Last Monday, Capt. Craig Moreau of the Houston Fire Department was returning from a road trip to Austin and noticed smoke coming from an 18-wheeler. He stopped the vehicle and crawled underneath to investigate. “Just then, the inside tire exploded,” Moreau recounted on Facebook. “I asked [the driver] what was inside and he said, ‘BEER, its all BEER.'”

So the off-duty firefighter sprayed Coors all over the flames (which is, let’s be honest, all Coors is good for): “I shook them up, and popped a top one at a time until the fire was out and the brakes were cool. Thankfully they were tall-boys.”

According to Moreau, the truck would’ve been doomed without the liquid cargo. He didn’t drink any of the makeshift fire extinguishers, however, because “‘I like dark beer.”

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