5 Women You’ll Meet On The Mountain This Winter

woman on skis
Credit: Andre Charland/Flickr

With snow on the ground, temperatures plummeting and the sun dropping from view shortly after 4 p.m., now’s as good a time as any to blow the dust off your gear and hit the slopes. Besides the adrenaline rush and scenic vistas, there are also bound to be tons of talent on the trails and in the lodge. Pack up the car and wax those shredsticks, ’cause here are just five of the women you’ll meet on the mountain this winter.

1. The Ski Bunny

Serious ski babes don’t like to sit around, so look for them on top of Black Diamonds or shredding the glades. To impress these ladies, find some cliffs to huck yourself off, and make sure they see you stomp the landing. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch up with them in the tram line or on the lifts when they need a single to fill up their triple.

2. The Boarder

Waiting to drop in to the park or pipe provides ample time to spark up a conversation. Did you see that guy’s 1080? (Hopefully she didn’t.) If you don’t have the skills, just work on your steeze. Style points and attitude go a long way with boarder babes. The après scene could be anything from a tailgate beer in the parking lot to hot toddies in some cozy, isolated yurt.

3. The Lifty

Lift attendants deal with heavy volume, so you’ll need to stick out immediately. Engineer some lift line heroics — call out a cutter or reprimand a bully — and hopefully she’ll like what she sees. Other mountain employees might be easier to impress. Try your hand at back country skiing and maybe you’ll be rescued by an emergency patrol. Be sure to demonstrate your gratitude quickly, as the helicopter is about to whisk you off to the hospital to try and save your frozen fingers and toes.

4. The Summer Vacationer

Did you know it’s summer in the southern hemisphere? That means half the world is looking to beat the heat. And they might be more pleasant to drink hot cocoa with than snooty locals.

5. The Instructor

Maybe you’re a first-timer. No problem. Most mountains have comprehensive ski schools. Aside from gaining a valuable skill, this training will also place you in extremely close proximity to your beautiful instructor. If you can’t quite grasp the technical difficulties of the chair lifts, she may even let you ride the magic carpet. Sticking to the bunny slopes means plenty of face time. Picking you up all afternoon can work up her appetite. Pizza or french fries, anyone?

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