Online Dating Survey Proves Selfies, Typos & Emoticons Hurt Guys’ Chances

Credit: MemeCenter

We all hate selfies and we all take them anyway, because guys’ egos have a way of overpowering our senses of decorum and shame. But if you’re in the online dating game, you need to curtail the narcissistic photography immediately, because your duckface is more like a cockblock.

A new study of 4,000 Zoosk users found that guys who choose selfies as their profile pics receive 8% fewer messages, whereas a full-body photo more than doubles the DMs.

Likewise, typing a smiley face emoticon will hurt your chances by two-thirds. Unless, that is, the smiley face has a dash for a nose, in which case it helps by 13%. (But even if that’s the case, could you live with yourself in the morning?)

Equally important, be sure to use proper spelling, because “teh,” “ur,” “cuz,” “dont,” “b4,” “im” and “u” imply that you’re too lazy to type a full word, so you might be too lazy to check the Yelp reviews of that dinner spot you suggested. By the way, don’t suggest “dinner” or “drinks” in your opening message, cuz ’cause they’ll ding you by 35%.

Perhaps it’s no surprise that selfies, smileys and typos aren’t super attractive, but there are some unlikely results: Mentioning “my ex” results in 52% more messages from women, which we have trouble believing for a second. Also, “LMAO” helps by 76%, but “LMFAO” helps by 193%. So include the “F,” and — with a little luck — you will be soon.

[H/T Esquire]

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Marty Beckerman (@martybeckerman) is the Associate Editor of Guy Code Blog