Breakout Instagram Stars Of 2013

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Instagram may be the best social media invention of, well, ever. Instead of simply reading a girl’s tweet saying, “I love the feel of my new silk robe,” we get to see it, in all it’s cleavage-bearing, lo-fi filtered glory. We can’t thank Instagram enough. So, instead of getting sappy and sentimental over bikini selfies, we thought we’d round up the breakout Instagram stars of 2013. Whether their poses are of the ballet or yoga variety, or they post a bikini shot a day, they’ve gathered a growing follower count, and here’s why:

Devin Brugman

Claim to Breakout Fame: A bikini shot a day on @abikiniaday.


Devin 2

Devin 3
Photos Via devin_brugman

Natasha Oakley

Claim to Breakout Fame: She’s Miss Devin’s right hand lady on @abikiniaday.

Tash 1

Tash 2

Tash 3
Photos Via tashoakley

Jennifer Selter

Claim to Breakout Fame: She’s on that gym-time selfie grind.

Jen 1

Jen 2

Jen 3
Photos Via jenselter

Rosa Acosta

Claim to Breakout Fame: She mixes up her sexy photos with some funny memes. Laughter and booty selfies pave the road to our hearts.

Rosa 1

Rosa 2

Rosa 3
Photos Via rosaacosta

Tianna Gregory

Claim to Breakout Fame: The pant-less model photos runneth over.

Tiana 1

Tiana 2

Tiana 3
Photos Via _tiannag

Ashley Vee

Claim to Breakout Fame: She keeps it real posting McDonald’s and bacon-covered asparagus photos one moment and a sexy lingerie snapshot the next.

Ashley 1

Ashley 2

Ashley 3
Photos Via msashleyvee

Arianny Celeste

Claim to Breakout Fame: This UFC Octagon girl doesn’t shy away from luxuries. What more could you want than sick rides and designer bikinis?

Ari 1

Ari 2

Ari 3
Photos Via ariannyceleste

Chicken Tuna

Claim to Breakout Fame: Her, um, assets.

CT 1

CT 2

CT 3
Photos Via cttchickentuna

Dannie Riel

Claim to Breakout Fame: She’s a fun-loving French-Chinese bombshell.

Dannie 1

Dannie 2

Dannie 3
Photos Via dannieriel

Misty Copeland

Claim to Breakout Fame: She’s the real-life ballerina of our dreams.

Misty 1

Misty 2

Misty 3
Photos Via mistyonpointe

Rachel Brathen

Claim to Breakout Fame: She’s showing us the world, one yoga pose at a time.

Rachel 1

Rachel 2

Rachel 3
Photos Via yoga_girl

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