10 Things A Guy Should Never Do On Facebook

facebook fail
Photo via rebloggy

Facebook has been around for more than a decade, but that doesn’t mean some dudes have figured out how to behave on it, like one of the defendants on tonight’s “Guy Court.” Check out this list of Facebook DON’Ts before you get blocked by everybody in your friends list.

1. Accidentally put the name of the girl you’re stalking into your status instead of the search bar.

2. Poke. EVER. How is this still a feature?

3. Write anything that ends with #blessed.

4. Tag your friend having a great time at a party that his girlfriend doesn’t know about.

5. Brag about how many squats/hammies/lifts you did at the gym.

6. Post status messages just for your girlfriend. That’s what TEXTS are for, Romeo!

7. Have more selfies in your photo albums than, y’know, pics with other humans.

8. Show your girlfriend in your profile picture. In Facebook terms, that’s like getting a tattoo of her name on your chest.

9. Keep FB chat on after 3 a.m. NOTHING good can come from it.

10. Change your relationship status to “it’s complicated.” Quit being a drama king and break up with her already.

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Jason Saenz (@notNOTJasonSaenz) is a writer in NYC.