10 Things We Learned From Dan Soder’s Reddit AMA

Last month, Melanie Iglesias and Charlamagne Tha God both surrendered themselves up to the Reddit masses for Ask Me Anything sessions. As expected, Melanie dodged a few marriage proposals, and in an unexpected turn, Charlamagne revealed he might be a softy on the inside — mentoring his Twitter followers and sh*t. Today, fellow “Guy Code” cast member Dan Soder hopped on the site, revealing what really happens on set when the cameras stop rolling. Here are some of our favorite exchanges.

1. Ladies Will Always Love Musicians

Kenny G

2. Marrying Jennifer Lawrence Is Always The Right Answer


3. Blame It On The Alcohol


4. He Was Born With It


5. Cilantro By Gucci


6. What Happens Off Camera, Stays Off Camera


7. He Respects His Peers


8. He’s A Giver (Also, See #6)


9. Comforting The Elderly Is One Of His More Charitable Pastimes


10. Cheaters Never Prosper

Girl Code

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