Melanie Iglesias Voted ‘Most Fappable’ On Instagram

melanie iglesias pornhub
Credit: Instagram

This time last year, after Reddit voted our girl Melanie Iglesias queen of “Gentlemanboners,” she told us, “There’s no bigger compliment than a boner.” Well, 12 months have passed and she just won another boner-related online election: According to Pornhub viewers (we’re not linking to the site, but you probably have it in your bookmarks anyway), Melanie is the “Most Fappable Instagram Hottie.” Congratulations, we think?

With 28% of the vote, Melanie beat runners-up Tianna Gregory (16%), Bryana Holly (12%) and “Blurred Lines” star Emily Ratajkowski (7%), whom we interviewed at San Diego Comic-Con without fapping in her presence. It’s going to make Pornhub voters sad to hear, but — as Melanie explained in her recent AMA — she’s keeping it clean: “I’ve been approached [by Playboy] but there isn’t enough money in the world.”

Console yourself with Melanie’s best Instagram pics from autumn.

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