Holiday Drinks That Look Festive But Pack A Christmas Punch

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It’s freezing outside and you need to warm yourself up, but you’re celebrating Christmas with either your stuffy parents or your girlfriend’s stuffier ones. You don’t want to look like a drunk, but you want to have the merriest Christmas possible. So, put down that glass of straight whiskey and feel the Christmas spirit with these spirit-packed (yet festive-looking) Yuletide cocktails.

1. Spiked Egg Nog

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Egg nog is actually a fairly complicated drink to make from scratch; it involves a lot of whisking and mixing of egg yokes until you have a thick, frothy Christmas treat. Or you could just grab pre-made nog by the gallon at the store and dump in a handle of your favorite alcohol. Either way, you’ll look plenty classy on Christmas Eve…and you’ll look plenty massive on Christmas morning, ’cause that sh*t is like a million calories per sip.

2. Tom & Jerry

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The Tom & Jerry is less famous than spiked egg nog, but it shouldn’t be, ’cause this seasonal sensation is like egg nog on steroids. It tastes like a Christmas milkshake, but older guests will be impressed that Cognac is in the recipe. Just be sure to ask permission before using Dad’s high-end Hennessy.

3. Peppermint Stick

For those of us who like candy canes, but wish they provided a holiday buzz, try this mint cocktail — it’s a mix of white crème de cacao, cream and peppermint schnapps. Adding shards of broken candy cane into the cocktail shaker: Purely optional.

4. Rompope

Credit: Ernesto Mirabal/Flickr

Popular in Mexico around Christmas, this egg nog-like drink is often flavored with vanilla, orange peel, pine nuts and (for the adult version) enough rum to have you wishing everyone a “Feliz Navidad.”

5. Christmas Punch

Credit: Regan76/Flickr

Finally, what could pack more of a Christmas punch than Christmas punch itself? The whole family can enjoy this around the Yule log. Find the biggest bowl in the house and dump in dark rum, red wine, sugar and any fruits you have on hand, and then top with a teakettle-worth of hot water. The heat makes it “Christmas-y”; all the booze makes it like a winter version of Long Island Iced Tea.

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