10 Tips On Destroying Your Enemy, Demonstrated By Stand-Up Comics Destroying Hecklers [NSFW]

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Enemies come in many forms: a guy who cuts you off in traffic, a coworker who takes credit for your ideas, a bartender who ignores your drink requests, a touring musician who sleeps with your sister and even a friend who borrows money with no intention of paying it back. While there is no one way to deal with every enemy, there are certain lessons that should be followed when anyone crosses you. Those rules are often perfectly demonstrated when an expert stand-up comedian takes on a heckler.

We just read RG Daniels‘ newest book, “Ten Shows,” which is a darkly funny collection of stories that follows a struggling stand-up comedian in New York City. That gave us the idea to ask RG to select his favorite 10 videos of comics destroying hecklers and give us the lesson to be learned from each one. The results are insightful and extremely fun to watch.

1. Play Defense

Let your enemy destroy himself by getting too aggro. Their mistakes will lead to your victories.

2. Blindside Him

It’s a cheap and dirty trick, but when it comes to enemies, sometimes you have to catch ‘em when their guard is down (or when they are sh*tfaced).

3. Do Some Reconnaissance

An effective strategy where you gather info and use it against your enemy.

4. Be Patient, Then Execute The Perfect Move

Sometimes it pays to wait…and wait…and wait until the RIGHT moment to attack.

5. Flip The Script

Shut down your enemy by using his own weapon against him.

6. Lure Him To Your Turf

Home field advantage counts for a lot, especially when exposing the weakness of your enemy.

7. Call It Like You See It

The truth is a bitch and you can use it to turn your enemy into one.

8. Take Him Out With One Shot

This is not advised as it can lead to being careless, but if it’s your only move, be sure you’ve got an exit strategy lined up.

9. Stand Your Ground

The best attack can be nothing more than standing confident.

10. Go Down Swinging

If it seems like an uphill battle, give ‘em all you got and take ‘em all out at once.

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RG Daniels (@RGDaniels) is a comedian and writer in Brooklyn, NY. His first book, “Ten Shows”, is available on paperback and Kindle.