Trick Your Brain Into Thinking It’s Summer With These Bikini Pics

Photos via TheCHIVE

How cold is it outside? Let’s just say we’re ready to dunk into a bathtub of Sriracha. If you take a leak in the open air right now, you’re just gonna blast an icicle out of your urethra. Maybe these temperatures would be tolerable if we were snowboarding on some mountaintop, but as it is, we’re ready for summer to come back. (Never mind that we spend the summer months huddled by our A/C, wishing it were mid-December.)

But feeling a tropical breeze is just a matter of, well, mind over matter. And thankfully, our friends at TheCHIVE have collected some super hot bikini photos to remind you that beach season is just a thought (and a click) away.


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