The Opponents’ Playbook: When Your Girlfriend Meets Your Ex

girl code running into ex

After each new episode of “Girl Code,” we’re breaking down the big takeaways for guys. Ignorance is bliss, but knowing ladies’ secrets to up your game is even better.

It might happen at a party, at a bar or randomly on the street. Either way, there is no more uncomfortable social situation for a guy than when his current flame meets his former one. “If, for some reason, the universe just wants this to happen and you wind up in a room with your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend,” Chris Distefano tells lady viewers, “just know that he is crumbling inside.”

You’re not the only one who’ll be feeling some heavy emotions in that situation. “Every fiber of your being wants to hate them,” Shalyah Evans says, “but they didn’t do you any wrong — they freed up a boy.” Alesha Rene√© is a little less forgiving: “F*ck those hoes.”

It’s a delicate dance. “You gotta be cool about it or else you’re a bitch,” Tanisha Long says. But if a girl’s too nice to her predecessor, she’ll sound “fake,” April Rose explains, and if she clings to the dude too tightly, she’ll look “insecure.”

Tanisha encourages everyone to calm down and get through it like adults, even though that’s easier said than done: “Just keep in mind this girl is an ex for a reason — it ended for a reason. She’s not gonna come back. I love how I’m giving you this advice, but I will go psychotic…I’m just, like, watching her like a hawk.”

The most important thing is to avoid making any comparisons between them. “There are two people your boyfriend shouldn’t compare you to, and that’s his mom and his f*cking ex-girlfriend,” Nicole Byer says. It’s a sentiment April Rose echoes: “If a guy compares me to an ex, I will drop him in half a second. If she was so great, then go be with her.

Yeah, this is probably not the best time to suggest a three-way.

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