10 Cartoon Babes Who Made Us Into Men

marge simpson playboy 2
Credit: Playboy

Whether our parents liked it or not, sometimes cartoons in the ’80s and ’90s did more than just entertain us; they helped us realize how we felt about women. Here are the animated ladies who made us wish we lived in Toon Town instead of Awkward Puberty-ville.

1. Lola Bunny (“Space Jam”)

space jam lola
Credit: Warner Bros.

This bunny ran circles around the Looney Toons gang. Plus, she looks way better in a dress than Bugs ever did.

2. Cheetara (“ThunderCats”)

Credit: Warner Bros.

She’s fast, she’s furious and she can kick Mumm-Ra’s ass with or without the help of Lion-O. She’s PURRFECT.

3. The Nanny (“Muppet Babies”)

Credit: Disney

Something about those stockings made us wonder what was going on higher up than the camera ever showed.

4. The Baroness (“G.I. Joe”)

Baroness 2
Credit: Hasbro

She’s smart, sexy and tough as nails. The perfect combination to make any solider fall in love line.

5. Aeon Flux (“Aeon Flux”)

aeon flux
Credit: MTV

This sexy assassin wore basically nothing while she took down her targets. The future is hot!

6. Harley Quinn (“Batman: The Animated Series”)

Credit: Warner Bros./FOX

She’s quirky, she’s loyal and most importantly, she loves a weirdo.

7. April O’Neil (“TMNT”)

april o'neill
Credit: Nickelodeon

This fiery redhead wasn’t afraid to get dirty (in the sewers). Plus, she looks amazing in that yellow jumpsuit. Cowabunga!

8. Ariel (“The Little Mermaid”)

ariel little mermaid
Credit: Disney

Another beautiful redhead. She doesn’t say much, but the clamshell bikini does the talking for her.

9. Jasmine (“Aladdin”)

Credit: Disney

The Disney princess who made us want to rub more than just our lamp. Aladdin’s one lucky street urchin.

10. Jessica Rabbit (“Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”)

jessica rabbit
Credit: Warner Bros.

Undeniably the sexiest cartoon of all time. Not that we’re still¬†attracted to animated characters. Ha! Ha! That would be…weird.

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