The Best Video Game Babes Of 2013

Credit: lolbrary

With 2013 soon fading into memory, we wanted to show some love to the ladies who helped us kill countless hours while glued to our flat screens. With the ability to render our favorite female characters in such high definition, it’s no wonder why sales of next-generation gaming consoles are through the roof.

Whether they’re helping us take down a wanted terrorist or stepping into the ring to kick some ass, the one thing they all have in common is how great they look while in action.

10. Tracey DeSanta (“GTA V”)

Credit: Rockstar Games

Are you a guy who just loves to date the spoiled, rebellious type with daddy issues? Then Tracey is your girl. We liked her because of her rough exterior and her ability to get in trouble once in awhile. The back tattoo didn’t hurt either.

9. Christie Monteiro (“Tekken Revolution”)

Credit:Namco Bandi

There’s something appealing about a girl who can samba the night away and then kick your ass without breaking a sweat. This girl from Brazil likes to relax, but don’t be fooled by her just-chillin’ smile. She is one tough lady.

8. Nilin (“Remember Me”)

Credit: Capcom

In the not so distant future, Nilin has her memory wiped and starts her journey to recover her identity. If you ask us, she’s unforgettable.

7. Nikki Bella (“WWE 2K14″)

Credit: 2K Games

WWE wrestler and current star of “Total Divas” on E!, and girlfriend of wrestler John Cena, which means that her video game character is the closest you’ll dare get.

6. Jessica McCarney (“Dead Rising 3″)

Credit: Capcom

Jessica has both beauty and brains…and can carry a firearm legally in all 50 states. Who else would you want for a zombie apocalypse companion?

5. Catwoman (“Batman: Arkham Origins”)

Credit: Warner Bros.

She’s puurfect in our book. (Sorry, we had to.) Bruce Wayne would be lost without her, if she didn’t keep showing up in every situation to save his ass. We look forward to her appearing in the next round of Batman video games.

4. Elizabeth (“BioShock Infinite”)

Credit: 2K Games

Elizabeth makes our list this year because she’s a loyal companion who knows how to get out of a sticky situation and looks good doing it.

3. Wonder Woman (“Injustice: Gods Among Us”)

Credit: Warner Bros. Games

For those among us who enjoy the company of a jacked woman, look no further than Wonder Woman, six feet tall and sexy as hell. Only Superman can join the Mile High Club on that invisible airplane.

2. Psylocke (“Deadpool”)

Credit: Activision/Marvel

A skilled martial artist with killer looks to boot, Psylocke uses knives and telekinesis to get what she wants, whenever she wants it. With that costume, though, all she has to do is ask.

1. Lara Croft (“Tomb Raider”)

Credit: Square Enix

We can’t get enough of Lara Croft. She wins her way back into our hearts every year. Something about her insanely good looks, her love of adventure…and, oh yeah, she is filthy rich.

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