The 2013 Gift Guide To Extravagant Tech Gadgets That Guys Want


When buying holiday gifts for guys, there are two basic considerations. Do you want to buy something he needs? Stuff like ties, socks, a keyboard without coffee stains, an extra phone charger, etc. Or do you want to get something he just WANTS? Most guys are apathetic when it comes to holiday gifts because we usually get things we need from our parents, aunts, wives and girlfriends. When guys get something we really want but don’t need, something not sensible, something unnecessary, it blows our f*cking minds.

Extravagant tech gadgets are always great gifts for men. If you want to see a grown man look like a child on Christmas morning, surprise him with a video game system that’s also kegerator, or a $4000 movie storage device or his own personal drone. You don’t even have to spend a lot of cash, just get him something he can play with, something electronic and something he’s not expecting. Click the below link and holiday stopping for your favorite guy will be done.


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Craig Goldstein (@techmywifeplz) writes about video games, gadgets and anything that plugs in or uses batteries.