5 Guys Who Prove It’s All About Confidence [Photos]

Millionaire Shirtless
Photo: ROFLZone

We have no idea who the above guy is, but he proves that women respect a man who’s comfortable with his body. (And who is probably a millionaire.) Some men truly defy the odds, accomplishing great feats despite having few physical gifts, which is just a fancy way of saying: Here are some ugly motherf**kers dating way out of their league.

Brother Inspiration
Photo: BrotherInspiration.com

This Chinese kid’s name translates to “Brother Inspiration,” and that’s pretty fitting. He proves that you can impress anyone if you have a great personality and a fun haircut, even if you’ve never played a sport in your life. (We’re assuming he’s the son of a millionaire?) Check out his website for more photos and inspirational advice such as, “If you are still complaining that God is not fair to you, take a moment to take a look at me.”

Photo: Getty Images

This is an actual British millionaire, Bernie Ecclestone, proving that no matter how much you look like a malnourished version of Dame Judi Dench, if you’re confident and also have a million dollars, you can score with anyone.

Photo: Getty Images

Actor Geoffrey Arend scored “Mad Men” mega-babe Christina Hendricks. This one is a bit of a curveball, because Hendricks is probably more successful. So there’s really no explanation for it, other than she’s a huge fan of the “snozberries taste like snozberries” scene from “Super Troopers.” Yes, it’s that guy.

Beast Gif
Photo: Disney via Tumblr

Finally, look no further than “Beauty And The Beast” for proof that confidence compensates for pretty much anything, even a disastrous lack of manscaping. You have no reason to feel inadequate around the ladies, as long as you’re a secret prince who is definitely a millionaire.

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Zach Broussard (@ZachBroussard) is a comedian in New York City.