Lucinda Aragon Loves Being Topless On Instagram [Photos]


We really have to thank our friends over at BroBible for introducing us to Lucinda Aragon in this week’s new Hottie Index. It was a tough morning, dragging our asses back to work after four long days of turkey-gorging, beer-swilling and marathon-watching football. However, Lucinda is a shot of caffeine to our libidos and now we’re running around the office like old-timey newspaper men.

There is a downside (isn’t there always). Lucinda is the girlfriend of Snapchat CEO, Evan Spiegel. Not like she’d date mere mortals like Guy Code Bloggers anyway, but it’s nice when that hope is kept alive.

Check out how lucky those beach kids are in the above photo. Wow. That might end up being the sexual highpoint of their entire lives. Lucky for all of us, Lucinda loves being topless on social media. Enjoy these photos.

Lucinda Aragon Is a Hot, Topless Reality TV Star Who Looks Like a Lot of FUN

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