#TrialByCode: Can A Girl Ever Tag Along For Guys’ Night Out?

guys night out 1

Every Wednesday before “Guy Court,” we’re debating a Guy Code violation using the Twitter hashtag #trialbycode, and the ladies of “Girl Code” are playing defense attorney.

Last season, “Guy Code” explained the rules of guys’ night out, one of which is you don’t spend it texting with your girlfriend. But what if you actually bring a girl with you? Is it ever cool in any circumstance? That’s the question we sought to answer:

“Girl Code” didn’t see a problem and even wanted to witness the manly magic:

But we presented the scenario in reverse — a horrifying proposition:

Yeah, that’s what we thought:

But maybe, just maybe, some women are chill enough to enjoy the company of men being our true, disgusting selves?

“Girl Code” agreed: The lady isn’t the problem here…

We asked our followers for their opinions, which we assumed were unanimous:

“Guy Code” and “Girl Code” creator Ryan Ling chimed in with his take:

“Guy Code” and “Girl Code” both put it to a vote, and the results were incredible:

That’s right, dudes are cool with female company on guys’ night out, and women feel it’s none of their business. “Girl Code” was just as stunned by the verdict as we were:

An unexpected consensus on both counts, but the ladies and gentlemen of the jury have spoken. And perhaps this particular juror has an excellent point:

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