‘Code’ Directors Andy Stuckey & Laura Murphy Visit ‘Guy Code Podcast’


You may not be familiar with the names Andy Stuckey and Laura Murphy, unless you diligently watch the end credits of “Guy Code” and “Girl Code.” They are the directors behind the two series, respectively. That means they have mastered the arts of sitting behind the camera, asking the cast-members questions that prompt funny answers and then silently laughing so as not to ruin the footage.

Andy and Laura both dropped in on the week’s “Guy Code Podcast” to talk with Ryan Ling and Ryan McKee about how their paths brought them to direct the “Codes.” They come from different backgrounds: Andy from the comedy world (check out his comedy music duo Stuckey & Murray) and Laura from the world of promos and commercials. After talking about how they got into entertainment (Andy may have been the inspiration for Kenneth on “30 Rock”), the four of them debate various “Code” topics, “Guy Court” cases and answer fan questions from Twitter and Facebook.

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Ryan McKee (@TheRyanMcKee) is the editor of Guy Code Blog

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