10 Signs You’re That Annoying Couple

Photo via lamebook

You’ve got the girl of your dreams and everything is roses and cream. But what seems like true romance to you might be your friends’ worst nightmare. You may be in love, but you also may be nauseating. Check out these red flags that your happiness is pissing off everybody you know.

1. Your gushy Facebook posts are so bad, even your parents unfriend you.

2. The only place you don’t make out is at the dentist’s office.

3. You stitch two sweaters together so you can stay warm forever.

4. You create a horrible hybrid nickname like “Jeremyiffer.”

5. Your default Friday night plans are to “stay in and cuddle.” You admit this freely.

6. You go to pottery painting classes and don’t have the common decency to not tell anyone about it.

7. Your pet names for each other, like “Scoochy,” could be names for a crippled dog.

8. You throw theme parties where theme is “True Love Like Ours.”

9. You share off each other’s plates like in “Lady And The Tramp.”

10. You exercise together. C’mon, only one person on the treadmill at a time.

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Jason Saenz (@Not NOT Jason Saenz) is a NYC writer and LOVES IT XOXOXO.