Chris Distefano Demonstrates Couch Exercises: Hold Your Horses & Power Butt Bounce


Last Wednesday, we debuted Chris Distefano‘s new home workout series, “Chrissy D’s Muscle Couch.” It was a resounding hit. Couch potatoes across the country now have stronger arms from doing Chrissy D’s first exercise, Plate Weights. It’s an exercise you can do while watching TV AND eating. Totally revolutionary.

Today, Dr. D is upping the stakes and introducing two new exercises: Hold Your Horses and Power Butt Bounce. Again, both of these can be done from your couch while you’re watching MTV, MTV2 or other lesser channels. Hold Your Horses works out your hands and forearms, while Power Butt Bounce works out your abs and gluts. That’s right! There is no upper-body day/lower-body day in Chrissy D’s Muscle Couch series. You can mix and match these at will.

Each Wednesday, we’ll be posting a new video from “Chrissy D’s Muscle Couch”on Guy Code Blog. Make sure you do the exercises tonight while watching him on “Girl Code” at 10/9c on MTV and “Guy Court” at 11/10c on MTV2.

+ Thanks to ZOOOP iT UP for providing Chris’s comfy workout wardrobe.

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Ryan McKee (@TheRyanMcKee) is the editor of Guy Code Blog