10 Places To Never Hit On Women

Weirdo Flirting
Credit: Andrew Burton/Getty Images

There are some places that were made for meeting women. That’s why bars, clubs and keg parties were invented. Then there’s many places where you want to meet women, but you totally can’t, unless you’re a complete weirdo. Here are 10 spots where you need to control your urges, assuming you don’t have an attraction to mace.

1. The melon aisle at the store.

2. A funeral…especially open casket.

3. A wedding, and you’re the groom.

4. A restroom line. Great place to chat, ’til the pooping ruins it.

5. The gym…especially in the showers.

6. During your murder trial.

7. The hospital’s maternity ward.

8. Your office…especially if you work at a nursing home.

9. A WNBA locker room.

10. Single mother’s support group.

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Zachary Sims (@zacharysims) is a comedian and writer in Los Angeles.