Meet ‘Miss Bum Bum,’ Winner Of Brazil’s 2013 Booty Pageant

Credit: Instagram

Beauty pageants don’t have the prestige they once did, and for kinda good reason: While we love beautiful women, it’s depressing to watch ‘em be judged on a stage like prize cattle. They’re all winners to us! Even the ones who can’t form a coherent sentence!

Well, a beauty pageant’s one thing, but a booty pageant’s quite another. The Miss Bum Bum Competition is apparently a huge deal in Brazil, where “winners become instant celebrities…and receive a fortune in endorsements,” according to Huffington Post. This year’s winner is 25-year-old Dai Macedo, pictured above. Or, perhaps her 42-inch derrière is the winner, whichever way you look at it. You are looking at it, right?

There’s extra intrigue this year over accusations of contestants trying to bribe judges. So, we congratulate Miss Bum Bum 2013 on winning fair and square…well, fair and sphere.

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