How To Leave Gracefully After A One-Night Stand

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Sometimes you hook up with a girl you meet at a bar or party, and you both realize that you’re perfect for each other. The other 999 times out of 1,000, you’ll never see each other again. You barely remember saying hello, and there’s no comfortable way to say goodbye. To make it a little easier for both of you, BroBible has collected “30 Ways To Make The Morning After A One-Night Stand Less Awkward”:

Remember Her Name

If you can’t, then there are probably bigger problems that are going to come from the night. (Like an eight-pound problem.) Make a note in your phone if you have to.

Don’t Linger. No One Likes A Lingerer.

Unless “Top 10 Plays” is on “SportsCenter,” there is really no reason to overstay your welcome.

Avoid All Other Roommates When Leaving The House

All they’re going to do is ask you annoying questions or judge you with their eyes.

Say You Aren’t Hungry, Even If You Are

Unless there are some cool brunch deals or some sh*t; then go for it.

Didn’t Perform Great? Say You “Don’t Really Remember Much”

Crazy how one sentence can have so much power.

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