7 Ingredients You Can Mix With Beer (And Still Be A Man)

Credit: Jordan Fischer/Flickr

While beer is awesome on its own, variety is the spice of life. There are plenty of mixers out there that can help you avoid the boring beer blues without making your ale look (or taste) like an appletini.

1. Amaretto

By itself, it’s a sweet almond liqueur. Mixed with beer and high-proof rum, you’ve got yourself an alcoholic Dr. Pepper. Light it on fire for the closest legal reproduction of a Flaming Moe.

2. Champagne

Beer before liquor, never been sicker…but beer with sparkling wine and you’re feeling fine! Mix Guinness with champagne and you’ll be enjoying an amazing cocktail called a Black Velvet.

3. Tomato & Lime

A Michelada mixes tomato juice, lime and a variety of spices to give your beer a kick. It’s so popular, Modelo even put out a tallboy version for the time-strapped.

4. Grapefruit + Ginger Beer

No, you aren’t making a Greyhound (grapefruit + vodka), you’re giving birth to a Redneck Mother. Throw in some gin to complete the recipe, and you’ll be setting up for a time you’re sure to forget.

5. Lemonade

Carbonated lemonade mixed with beer makes up a popular European cocktail called a Shandy (or “Shandygaff”), a sweet-tasting drink that you can claim you learned about while backpacking through Europe to impress the ladies.

6. Orange Juice

Move over, Transformers — O.J., amaretto and beer make for the manliest “Lunch Box” around. Now who can question your day drinking? It’s got “lunch” right in the name of the drink!

7. More Beer

Add pale ale to porter, and you’ve got a Black & Tan. Add another beer to the mix, and you’ve maybe got a blackout.

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Sean Green is a comedian and beer drinker, follow him on Twitter @SeanTGreen.