Mike D’Antoni’s Moustache Shows You How To Keep A Job [Photos]

Dantoni 5
Photo Credit: Getty Images

It’s Movember, and to celebrate we tracked down a man with a ‘stache so classy, they named a course at Harvard after it: Mr. Mike D’Antoni, head coach of the L.A. Lakers. The team is not expected to do much this year, unless Kobe miraculously hits the floor. Furthermore, after the Dwight Howard fiasco, we’re not so sure how D’Antoni will be hanging on to his job much longer. For now, though, D’Antoni is the coach. And his ‘stache inspired us to put together these memes of him showing you how to keep a job.

Dantoni 1

Dantoni 2 Dantoni 3 Dantoni 6 Dantoni 8 Dantoni 9 Dantoni 10 Dantoni 4

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