Kimbo Slice & Tech N9ne Appear In New ¡Mayday! Music Video, ‘Last One Standing’

Credit: Getty Images

Once upon a time, a rap video was judged not only by its artistic merit but by its use of honeys shaking their rumps to the beat. However, hip-hop has progressed and these days you can watch a rap video without seeing a single booty (Wreckx-N-Effect must be so disappointed). In “Last One Standing,” the latest video by ¡Mayday!, you don’t even see a woman walk by in the background.

It’s cool though because we get to see legendary backyard brawler Kimbo Slice (he probably scared the girls away) look scary as hell and Tech N9ne spits some verse that’ll amp you up. This is not a video that will get your hormones racing, but it will get your adrenaline going. Watch it and then go run up a mountain or leave some nasty comments on your childhood bully’s Facebook wall.

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