5 First-Person Shooters For Your Next-Gen Console [BroManTech]

MEGAN FOX Call of duty ghosts
Credit: Activision

There’s nothing like coming home after a hard day and getting down to business of blowing sh*t up and saving the world from terrorists. With the next generation of gaming consoles about to drop this month, we figured the least we can do is give you a list of our favorite and most anticipated FPS (“first-person shooters” for the newbies) to hit the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. They’re the best way to kill time and, depending on how much time, possibly your relationship.

1. “Battlefield 4″ (Multiplatform)

Credit: Electronic Arts

EA’s “Battlefield 4” has been one of the kings in the FPS genre. The latest version features more realistic combat maps, enhanced weapons inventory, robust multi-player campaigns and graphics that were worth the wait. “BF4″ is a title that will make you drop the money for the next-gen consoles.

2. “Call Of Duty: Ghosts” (Multiplatform)

Credit: Activision/Infinity Ward

Infinity Ward’s insanely popular FPS is back and bigger than ever. “Call Of Duty: Ghosts” (you know, the one with the Megan Fox commercial) brings the pain by making war as real as it gets without stepping on the front line. “Ghosts” adds updated weapons, new game modes such as “Search and Rescue,” and even dropped in the abilty to have man’s best friend assist in putting a hurt on the enemy. We also loved using the drones to deliver doom from above.

3. “Killzone: Shadow Fall” (PlayStation 4 Exclusive)


“Killzone: Shadow Fall” is the latest installment in the hugely successful “Killzone” franchise, exclusively for the PS4. It features an updated arsenal, enhanced AI enemies to keep you on your toes, and graphics that will scare the crap out of you.

4. “Titanfall” (Xbox 360/One)

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

This game is all about fast action, multi-player sessions and huge-ass mech robots fighting elite soldiers. We loved the nonstop action and the fact that anyone can jump right into the game — after it launches in 2014, we mean.

5. “Destiny” (Multiplatform)

Credit: Bungie

“Destiny” is an online open world first-person shooter with elements of an MMO. From the developers of “Halo,” this game makes use of all that Internet speed you manage to pay for every month. With features like “on-the-fly” matchmaking, combat on multiple planets (including ours) and the ability to carry three guns at a time, your “destiny” is to pick this game up when it drops in the near future.

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