15 Things That Should No Longer Be Things

Image via GIFsoup

One thing’s for sure about the modern world: There are way more things now than ever before. A lot of these things are great, but a lot of them are the absolute worst and need to stop. Here are 15 such things that I hope die out like the dinosaurs and JNCOs.

1. Pictures of your dinner.

2. Humble bragging. If you’re gonna brag, then brag like a man.

3. 90% of selfies.

4. Pronouncing “GIF” like “JIF.” No matter what their inventor says.

5. Dudes flexing in profile pics.

6. “YOLO” and anything else drunk girls shout out of sunroofs.

7. All the hashtags.

8. All the memes.

9. Facebook profiles for dogs. They’re dogs, they don’t care.

10. Whatever the next thing after Vine is.

11. “Sexy” “nerds.”

12. People twerking that should never, ever be twerking.

13. Pretending allergies are interesting.

14. Cleveland sports teams.

15. Your tattoo.

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Zachary Sims (@zacharysims) is a comedian and writer living in Los Angeles.