Your Girlfriend’s Favorite TV Shows Ranked From Best To Worst

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We know plenty of girls who watch “The Walking Dead,” “Game Of Thrones,” “Breaking Bad” (RIP) and other series that generally skew male. (Some ladies, it’s been rumored, even watch sports!) But if your girlfriend’s reality shows account for more than half your DVR, it’s time you manned up and sorted through the crème de la crap.

First things first: Remember that not all she-shows were created equal. While some are downright painful to sit through, others will shock you with their (relative) quality. So the next time your lady suggests cuddling up in front of the flatscreen, break out the popcorn — and this handy guy’s guide to girly TV.

The Surprisingly Awesome

She-shows you might actually watch on your own…

“Orange Is The New Black”

Credit: Netflix

Watchability for dudes: 5 out of 5
Basic storyline: An annoying white woman is sentenced to 15 months in federal prison.
Why your girl likes it: The awesome female characters, the unlikely friendships…and Taystee.
Why you’ll like it: Raise your hand if you’ve never wondered what it’s like in a women’s prison! This Netflix series is funny, intense and the ensemble cast is excellent.


Credit: CBS

Watchability for dudes: 4 out of 5
Basic storyline: Lucy Liu is the Dr. Watson to Jonny Lee Miller‘s Sherlock in this modern, Manhattan-based remake.
Why your girl likes it: Unexpected plot twists and Lucy Liu’s best winter wardrobe.
Why you’ll like it: Miller plays Holmes flawlessly as an arrogant, antisocial loner with an acerbic wit and zero tolerance for stupidity. It’s like “CSI” for smart(er) people.


Credit: HBO

Watchability for dudes: 3.5 out of 5
Basic storyline: Four entitled, 20-something female hipsters navigate the trials and tribulations of living and working in Brooklyn, NY.
Why your girl likes it: The show’s raw exploration of unrequited hopes/dreams.
Why you’ll like it: You may find the characters hard to relate to, but it still features good acting, gratuitous nudity and Brian Williams‘s hot daughter.

The Reasonably Tolerable

You won’t be hooked – but you won’t want to stab yourself in the neck with a pencil…

Lifetime TV Movies

Credit: Lifetime

Watchability for dudes: 3/5 (on average)
Basic storyline: Badly written/acted adaptions of overblown social issues.
Why your girl likes it: They’re so bad, they’re good.
Why you might not: They’re Lifetime TV movies. Does this really need elaboration?
Redeeming qualities: B-celebrity cameos from actresses you found attractive in the late ’90s; hilariously awkward attempts at high school slang.

“New Girl”

Credit: Fox

Watchability for dudes: 3/5
Basic storyline: Three guys share their tiny living space with an annoying female roommate.
Why your girl likes it: She wants to be Zooey Deschanel.
Why you might not: You don’t want her to be Zooey Deschanel.
Redeeming qualities: Deschanel’s comedic timing and awesome bro roommates will keep you watching.

“Grey’s Anatomy”

Credit: ABC

Watchability for dudes: 2.5/5
Basic storyline: An ensemble cast of unlikable doctors neglect their patients to have sex in the on-call room.
Why your girl likes it: Christina’s and Meredith’s creepy-close friendship; Dr. McDreamy’s hair.
Why you might not: A bomb, a plane crash, an electrical storm and a mass-murder? Only in the land where good writing goes to die.
Redeeming qualities: Hot interns and medical mumbo-jumbo will distract you from the relationship crap.

The Worst Of The Worst

Let the suckfest begin…

“Dance Moms”

Credit: Lifetime

Watchability for dudes: 1.5/5
Basic storyline: Shrewish momagers allow petty infighting to distract from their daughters’ talent.
Why your girl likes it: The kids are bright, dedicated and down-to-earth — and all the adults are certifiable.
Why you won’t: It’s a dance show. Also: Abby Lee Miller’s voice.
Redeeming qualities: You’ll actually feel kinda inspired by the girls’ dedication…until the dance teacher spits on their dreams and rips them apart for sport.

“The Real Housewives Of Wherever”

Credit: Bravo

Watchability for dudes: 1 out of 5
Basic storyline: Overdramatic social-climbers argue over who’s got the richest absentee husband.
Why your girl likes it: Crazy rich ladies fighting! In designer labels!
Why you won’t: Every time a socialite screeches, you lose the functionality of your inner ear.
Redeeming qualities: Cougars and perspective. One hour in Crazyville and you’ll feel like the luckiest man alive.

“Dancing With The Stars”

Credit: ABC

Watchability for dudes: 0 out of 5
Basic storyline: Formerly famous people prove why ballroom dancing should be left to the pros.
Why your girl likes it: Stars! Dancing! A panel of annoying judges!
Why you won’t: Stars you’ve never heard of…dancing. An annoying points system that makes no sense.
Redeeming qualities: This the closest you’re ever gonna get to seeing Elizabeth Berkley in “Showgirls 2.”

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