Mansumer Reports: D Rose 4 Sneakers Will Kick Up Your Game

D Rose 4 Review Credit: Adidas

Last month, I got a chance to interview Derrick Rose about the upcoming season and the launch of his D Rose 4 shoes. He said about the latter, “You’re going to be balling. I’m telling you, man. You might get a D-League contract, you never know.”

Derrick might’ve been joking, but that didn’t stop me from trying. I laced up my new D Rose 4 pair and went to work in my rec league, coming away with five improvements that hopefully got me a little bit closer to signing that D-League contract after all.

1. Increased Vertical

Never having been one to “jump out of the gym,” I need all the help I can get when it comes to my vertical. The D Rose 4s, which weigh only 11.9 oz, made jumping that much easier, and I had a noticeable increase in my launching ability.

2. Injury Reduction

The one thing Derrick and I have in common when it comes to playing basketball is a history of ankle injuries. The D Rose 4s come with a GeoFit collar that protects and stabilizes, making you feel invincible when it comes to potential ankle rolls.

3. Better Cutting

NBA players constantly clean the soles of their shoes in search of the best grip possible. Adidas addressed the issue of grip with its Crazyquick outsole traction system, which allows you to cut on a dime or, in my case, a half-dollar.

4. Better Training

The D Rose 4s come with a miCoach cavity, letting you sync the shoes to an app for detailed information about your workout. You can even select Derrick Rose as the voice of your virtual coach, which makes it that much harder to slack off.

5. Confidence

If you look sharp, you feel sharp, and nothing gives you that confidence boost in sports like having some badass gear. That double clutch layup I hit (in a meaningless blowout loss) I owe to the swagger I got from these beauties:

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Sean Green is a comedian and sports podcast host living in Los Angeles.