Today’s Dumbass: Guy Sets Beer Pong Ball On Fire…And His Home

Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Beer pong is a pretty safe game. You’ve got your harmless red cups; the ping pong balls are just large enough to not be a choking hazard; worst case scenario, you try a drunken piledriver off the table. But a student in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, took drinking game stupidity to new levels when he set his apartment ablaze with a flaming beer pong ball.

Had he and his roommate invented some new, badass version of beer pong where you light the ball on fire before every toss, maybe kudos would be in order. Instead, he accidentally lit the ball aflame while using a lighter to try to pop a dent out of it. The roommates then tried to stomp out the fire, because God knows there weren’t any liquids nearby they could’ve used to douse out the flames. (Seriously, where’s the water cup?! It sure as hell isn’t keeping the ball sanitary. This is the one time you’d really need it.)

The ball rolled under a bed, setting the mattress on fire. Firefighters arrived. Nobody was hurt. One can only hope the firemen tossed them a deck of cards and taught them the rules to A**hole.

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Mike Pomranz (@pomranz) is a comedian and available beer pong partner.