Fun Cosplay GIFs From 2013 New York Comic Con


We’ve had a great time at 2013 New York Comic Con, goofing around with the cosplayers. Thinking that it’d look ridiculous amongst the professional-level costumes, we brought a cheap banana costume for Pete Davidson to wear. To our surprise, we saw two other dudes dressed as bananas — including the zombie banana above, who turned out to be an amazing dancer.

One of our favorite ladies there, the girl dressed as “Rogue/Playboy Bunny” posed butt-first any time someone wanted a photo. That’s what really makes Comic Con great. Where else do women you don’t know encourage you to stare at and photograph their butts in public?


Enjoy the rest of our favorite GIFs so far from New York Comic Con below:



dragonballz poison-ivy1 queen-of-tofu

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