6 Comedians Record Video Reviews Of The Hangover Cure, Forgiven


Forgiven markets itself as “a natural, chemical free alcohol metabolizer.” We don’t completely understand what that means, but it has something to do with preventing hangovers. The idea is you carry this 5-Hour Energy-sized bottle of Forgiven with you out on the town. When you’re finished getting drunk, you drink it (hopefully you’re not so drunk that you forget) and you’ll feel better-than-crappy the next morning.

The company sent us a box of this stuff. Through the years, we’ve been sold a bunch of snake oils posing as hangover cures and they’ve never helped. Still, we were willing to set our previous biases to the side and give Forgiven the proper Mansumer Reports test. For that we turned to the biggest group of drunks we know, standup comics. Ron Babcock, Barbara Gray, Adam Murray, Steve Benaquist, Dave Ross and Scott Boxenbaum agreed to record themselves getting drunk, then trying Forgiven and finally their thoughts on it the next morning. You may be surprised by the results.

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