5 Halloween Costumes That Aren’t As Original As You Think

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Whether you’re hitting a house party or a parade this Halloween, chances are you’ll be trying to impress your boys, the ladies and possibly a few costume judges with your sense of humor and originality. Before you set off to buy that Heisenberg bald cap, though, read ahead to make sure your costume is inspired and not expired.

1. The Current Event

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Costumes pulled from the headlines are guaranteed to be old news. Half the guys who forgot to buy a Halloween costume will just put on glasses and say they’re Edward Snowden, and even abstract concept costumes like “Government Shutdown” will be working overtime to get laughs.

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2. The Crossdressing Celeb

Credit: Spirithalloween.com

Sure, it’s tempting to grab your own flesh-colored bra and underwear to be part of Miley Mania, but everybody will just say “This again?” at seeing yet another dude ironically dress like a lady. And someday you’ll wish those photos of you twerking weren’t on the internet forever.

3. The Lazy Pun

Credit: Gamma Man/Flickr

A half-assed pun like “Cereal Killer” is no replacement for actual effort. Costumes like putting a pot on your head and calling yourself a “Pot Head” are literally old hat.

4. The Tabloid Couple

Credit: Pascal Le Segretrain/ Getty Images

There’s only one “Kimye,” but there will be a million imposters this year — if your girl wants to be one of them, let her know you might accidentally grab the wrong pillow-stuffed booty.

5. The “Sexy” Anything

Credit: whyamikeenan/Flickr

Girls have been using Halloween as an excuse to bring out their inner sexpot for years, but guy versions of sexy costumes are about as original as a girl in a super-short nurse dress…not that we ever get sick of seeing that.

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Tess Barker (@TesstifyBarker) is a stand up comic with good taste in bad ideas.