Today’s Dumbass: Groom Calls In Bomb Threat To His Own Wedding

St Georges Hall's Rare Minton Floor Tiles Are Prepared For Public Display
Credit: Getty Images

Grooms used to have a single wedding-related duty: Show up on time in a tuxedo. Now, however, men are just as involved in wedding planning as their brides. The problem, aside from the fact we don’t care about napkin patterns, is that guys are idiots.

Case in point: 36-year-old British man Neil McArdle. He forgot to file the paperwork to book St. George’s Hall in Liverpool, but “hadn’t got the heart” to inform fiancée Amy Williams. He did, however, have the balls to call the (unbooked) venue on their wedding day and tell the receptionist, “A bomb will go off in 45 minutes.”

When Williams arrived in her wedding dress, she didn’t find her friends and family — she found bomb squad officers searching for explosives. McArdle pleaded guilty to the hoax, and Williams miraculously didn’t call off the engagement, although they’ll have to wait until he’s out of jail to tie the knot.

Let this be a lesson to engaged dudes everywhere: In matrimony as in politics, the coverup is usually worse than the crime.

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