10 Signs You’re In Too Many Fantasy Football Leagues

Miami Dolphins v New Orleans Saints
Credit: Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Fantasy football has become almost as popular as the real thing, and dudes all over are talking about how great Jordan Cameron has been on their teams. Some people are so into it, they have multiple teams in multiple leagues, but how much is too much? Here are some things to look out for in case you’re crossing the fantasy line.

1. You had to quit your job because it was getting in the way of setting your lineups.

2. You’re considering kidnapping Drew Brees because you’re going up against him this week.

3. You want to name your first child “The Brady Bunch.”

4. You don’t remember your girlfriend’s birthday, but you do know Arian Foster rushed for 103 yards last week.

5. You passed on sex for your fifth fantasy draft.

6. You shout out made-up point totals every time your buddy tosses you a beer.

7. You’ve had multiple dreams involving Matthew Berry.

8. You asked your grandma if she thinks the Bears’ defense is gonna be good this week.

9. The last three times you cried were due to Colin Kaepernick interceptions.

10. Your friends and family have held three interventions for your fantasy addiction…and you’re hooked on meth.

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Zachary Sims (@zacharysims) is a comedian, writer and in second place in his league.