The Pros And Cons Of Dating A Sorority Girl

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Sorority sisters are like the caviar of college girls: Pretty and decadent on the outside, but an acquired taste and sometimes overrated. Lucky for you, sorority girls make up only a small part of the female student body, which is good if you’re anti-Greek life. But as it turns out, there are actually a lot of reasons why they make A+ girlfriends…and just as many reasons why they don’t. Before you decide to “go Greek” (with girls, that is), check out these arguments and know what you’re in for.

Reasons Why You SHOULD Date A Sorority Girl

1. They’re Committed

Some girls insist they don’t want a boyfriend because they’re “afraid of commitment,” which is usually just slang for “not interested.” Luckily, choosing to be part of Greek life means pledging your lifelong allegiance to Kappa Kappa Kappa or whatever, so dating a sorority sister means you know she’s capable of committing to something. Just make sure you keep being the kind of guy she wants to commit to, because she has a lot of options if you start taking her for granted.

2. They’re Concerned With Upkeep

The stress of college life can make some girls look haggard and forget to wash their hair by the first round of midterms. Sorority girls, however, generally look decent year-round because they’re always having to dress up for special events and formals. This also means they’re more inclined to keep in shape to fit into those dresses, which is a bonus for you.

3. They Have “Sisters”

Sorority girls tend to travel in packs, which means they’re constantly surrounded by fellow hot girls. This is only going to be an issue for you if you can’t keep your sights set on just one girl. Otherwise, it’s awesome because you can set up all your friends with her sisters and be a freakin’ hero.

4. They’re Wifey Material

Sorority houses are generally nice places that put your dumpy apartment to shame, and the girls who live there are little Susie-homemakers, so you know they can cook and clean and do all that wifey stuff you’ve always dreamed of. (Spoiler alert: It’s the twenty-first century, and you’re going to be doing a lot of that “wifey stuff” yourself.)

Reasons Why You SHOULD NOT Date A Sorority Girl

1. They’re Drama Queens

What do you get when you put a whole pack of peppy girls into one sorority house? DRAMA FOR DAYZ. Inner-chapter drama is inevitable, which means your girl is sometimes going to be extremely catty and stressed out while she plots revenge on the monster who stole her hairspray or some ish.

2. The Jealousy Factor

Sororities and fraternities usually host mixers and other events together, which means your girl is going to constantly be surrounded by frat guys. If you’re the jealous type, this will definitely hurt, so your solution is to either trust her or join a frat yourself.

3. Breakup Drama

If you and your girl have an ugly breakup, you’ll have to suffer the wrath of all her psycho sisters. It’s best to either let her think breaking up was HER idea, so she won’t have a motive for revenge, or at least make sure it’s an amicable split. Otherwise, keep one eye open while you sleep.

4. Off-Limits Sisters

If and when you DO break up with your girl, all of her sisters are then off-limits for the rest of your college career, making the pool of potential hook-ups much smaller. However, it also means you get more opportunities to make her jealous by snagging a girl from a rival sorority. Her loss, bro.

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Madeline Roth (@MadelineRoth1) was not in a sorority so she’s basing everything she knows about them off of the movies “Legally Blonde” and “The House Bunny.”