Power-Ups: Tricking Out Your Cubicle

Photos by Michele Crowe/Graphics by Jimmy McCain

After doing some advanced algebra, I was horrified to discover that I spend more than 40% of the week cubicle-ing my life away. I occupy this square more than my own apartment. With this heinous realization chaining me to my desk, I took to the challenge of tricking out my workspace’s tech and creature comforts to boost cube-life into an automated, snack-filled bliss.

Moleskine Notebooks


A quick and easy way to improve your “I am totally organized” image is to upgrade your notebook. With Moleskines coming in all types of layouts, sizes and even limited edition designs, cradling one of these under your arm to the next daily meeting will make you appear somewhat important. Little do they know it’s riddled with your illegible notes, doodles of zombies and you practicing your signature.

G19s Gaming Keyboard + G700s Wireless Mouse


The Logitech gaming keyboard and mouse perform amazingly in the setting of PC gaming, but what if we challenged these devices with the everyday grind of office work? The G19s and G700s just destroy remedial tasks. Both devices have programmable keys that allow you to map actions to a single key press — this helps make certain mind-numbing actions tolerable by reducing the number of moves required down to a single tap.

The G19 keyboard also sports a mini screen that can house video, slide shows, YouTube clips and even an RSS scroll of your favorite blogs. This keyboard and mouse combo gives you the moves-per-minute of South Korea’s pro “StarCraft” players — use your new powers wisely.

EdgeStar 84 Can Mini Fridge


If you have to spend large amounts of time at your desk, a mini fridge is a very sought-after item. This pint-sized fridge can hold a couple dozen six-packs of beer soda and keep your snack collection fresh, a mere chair glide away. This model also comes equipped with a lock to keep all your work acquaintances from raiding  your supplies.

Griffin PowerMate


The PowerMate is an easy-to-program knob/button, plain and simple. Plug it into an open USB port and use the simple software to make it act as a volume rocker, scroll up and down in your web browser, and even act as a jog wheel in Final Cut Pro. I, with a flair for the dramatic, programmed it to act as a panic button — when I get a hint of the boss approaching, one quick press and all my web browser windows close:


With the PowerMate near, gone are the days of worrying your boss will pop by while you’re looking at Twitter, Facebook and your Netflix queue. This little button has got your back.

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Chris Moeser (@cmoeser) is a producer at MTV.