Pete Davidson Explains How To Tell If A Hot Girl On Instagram Is Actually Hot In Person

Original Photo via Instagram

Just because a girl looks gorgeous on Instagram does not mean that’s what she looks like in person. Those filters can do absolute wonders to a person’s appearance. Maybe she has a blotchy complexion? Just add the “Sutro” filter and suddenly she’s a mysterious beauty. Maybe she’s been hitting the beer heavily and it’s showing? Just stand at an angle, slap the “1977” filter on and now she looks like a sexy free spirit. How about a mustache? The “Inkwell” filter makes the stache look like it’s just a light shadow from her nose.

Pete Davidson is tired of being fooled by the ladies of Instagram. That’s why he developed an app to strip the filters off those photos and expose these females for what they really look like. That’s right! Pete is a scientist and software developer in his spare time. In this episode of “How To With Pete,” we show the app in use and prove just how deceiving these pics can be.

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