Syd Wilder Is Hot & Funny & Great At Twerking & Also Hot [Interview]


The average ESPN National Cheerleading Champion doesn’t pursue a career in comedy, but Syd Wilder from Seth Rogen‘s “This Is The End” and YouTube hit “How To Take A Slutty Selfie” is more than just another pretty face…or, pretty body…or, pretty, um…the point is, she’s real pretty. Anyway, Syd called us up to chat about her latest outrageous video, “How To Twerk With Seniors” (instructing 80-year-olds in the ways of Miley Cyrus) and why guys shouldn’t be afraid to date women who are funnier than us.

Thanks for taking the time to talk. How’s it going?
I’m hungover in bed right now — I was out celebrating my birthday.

Is it your actual birthday today? Or yesterday?
I don’t really remember if it’s my birthday…I think it was Thursday. It’s been a week-long celebration. I hired a big fatass lady who taught twerking and booty-dancing to all my girlfriends, and we were drunk all over the floor like toddlers. That was fun.

Aren’t you the twerking teacher?
My girlfriends don’t learn well from me.

How did you find the senior citizens in the video? Did you just show up to a retirement home?
I had to hold a casting call — it was hysterical, all these old people came in. One guy just dropped his pants and already had Depends on. He has more followers than me on Twitter. Some were more shy than others, but some were like, “I’ll do anything.” One was like, “I’ll do it on the walls.”

Had they heard of twerking, or did you have to explain, “It’s like the jitterbug“?
Yeah, the jitterbug with more ass. One of them in the audition had heard of it, but she had such a sense of entitlement. She looked like a perfect old person — oh my gosh, I’d love to have her — but then she pulled this attitude: “How much am I getting paid again?”

It’s obvious why guys enjoy (watching) twerking, but what’s the appeal for women?
I don’t feel like I’m turning a guy on — I just feel like I’m turning myself on. I’ve always done it and I’m really good at it, because you really want to do the thing you’re great at. Like, if you’re good at ping pong. I just love to do it, and it’s also like working out. Maybe the other girls just had really bad childhoods?

Credit: @SydWilder

As a comedian, what kind of jokes do you recommend guys make or avoid on dates?
On a first date, avoid all sexual jokes. I would not talk about politics. Talk about any joke on Chelsea Handler — just repeat those. There was one guy I met, he was so nerdy but he had the number-one pick-up line: “I would love to take you out on a nice dinner, and then go grocery shopping at Whole Foods.” Girls are so into the quirky, weird Zach Galifianakis thing. I would go out with any guy who asked me that question. It’s like, how did you know I shop at Whole Foods?

If a guy wants to chat with a lady comedian after her set, what’s the right way to do it?
When she bombs, tell her she looks really pretty. When she kills, say she’s really funny, don’t say she’s pretty. When I kill, guys say, “You’re so pretty,” but I don’t want to hear that. Tell me I’m funny — I was just trying to make you laugh. And if they reference one of your jokes, that’s big, too. That tells me they’re listening.


What was the inspiration for “How To Take A Slutty Selfie”?
There’s this girl I know — you know those people you don’t really like, but they follow you, so you follow them? — she always posts photos of herself with inspirational quotes. It’s like, b*tch, just post the photo, don’t include Einstein and Churchill.


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