The Real Moral Of ‘Breaking Bad': It’s Cool To Be A Bald Guy


Last night’s “Breaking Bad” series finale lived up to expectations and ended the show on a perfect note, but Walter White had a full head of hair throughout. Up ’til now, he’s proudly rocked his iconic bald dome, just like Hank, Mike, those creepy cartel twins and, uh, Huell. The point is, “Breaking Bad” proved that baldness is badass. A lot of thinning-on-top guys pay a fortune for plugs or toupees, but BroBible explains why they should happily let it go:

Saves You Money

Bald guys don’t waste beer and video game money buying shampoo, gels, conditioners and that other girly crap. They certainly don’t have to routinely pay some tattooed gal in a salon or some 60-year-old guy in a barber shop good money for a monthly haircut.

No Bad Hair Days

Add to that, your motorcycle helmet and ball cap will fit better than you ever thought it could

No One Questions Your Toughness

Unless you’re in the Max Wing at Pelican Bay State Prison, where everyone is bald, shaving your head carries with it an air of “Yes, I am the baddest motherf***er here.” There’s a reason Walter White shaved his head…

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