Today’s Dumbasses: Inmates Released, Immediately Get Arrested

California State Prisons Face Overcrowding Issues
Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The first prison term apparently just wasn’t enough to rehabilitate these two. A few hours after being released from Orange County Jail, 37-year-old Ryan Irwin Tischer and 35-year-old Jose Manuel Ortiz allegedly stole a van and then (brilliantly) drove it to a parking lot that sits between¬†two different law enforcement agencies.

An officer came outside to use his phone and found the two trying to break into another car, according to the police report. Ortiz then tried to steal the officer’s cell phone but was overpowered and arrested, police say.

We’re sure that some prisoners fantasize about all the crimes they’re gonna commit when they get out of jail — they might want to recall what got ‘em there in the first place.

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Neal Stastny (@NealStas) is a comedian and writer in New York.