Why Do Bad Girls Bend At The Waist For Sexy Photos?

Image via The Chive

I’m going to be honest and admit that I’ve never thought about this colossally-important question before: why do bad girls bend at the waist when posing for naughty photos? And maybe the better question is, why do we find it so sexy? If you really stop and think about it, babies who are taking a dump in their diapers make the same pose. Also, people who are constipated or are about to crap their pants make that pose. Yet, when an attractive girl wears skimpy clothing and does the same pose, men go bonkers. They save the photos in a folder on their computer and often look at them for inspiration. (And when I say “they,” I mean me.)

Thanks to our good pals at The Chive for bringing this interesting life quandary to my attention today with these amazing 42 photos. After examining this academic photo study closely, I’m no closer to understanding why this pose is sexy. However, I now have enough research to help me contemplate it through this weekend.

Bad girls bend at the waist (42 Photos)

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