5 Rules Of Etiquette For Playing ‘FIFA 14′

Credit: EA

Earlier this week, EA Sports celebrated the launch of “FIFA 14” by throwing a celebrity-filled party in New York City. We were on-hand (along with Drake and the NY Red Bulls soccer team) for some hands-on time with the game. Since multiplayer has specific codes to obey, we asked various attendees for tips on not competing like an a**hole.

1. No Gloating If You Win

…at least, not out loud. Red Bulls star midfielder Tim Cahill told us, “It’s important to show some humility and respect for your opponent, whether they are behaving or not. If my boys beat me at the game, I make sure they don’t parade around the house celebrating that they beat their dad.”

2. No Quitting If You’re Behind

You’ve gotta be graceful in defeat, according to NY Jets defenseman Leger Douzable. “I play with a lot of guys who get pissed off when something doesn’t go their way and somehow try to turn the game off,” he said. “Come on, man, keep playing and take the whooping. You can’t be a sore loser when we play a game together, especially ‘FIFA 14.'”

3. Do Not Destroy The Controllers In Anger

Douzable’s pet peeve against sore losers gets more specific. “Rule number one in my book is not to destroy the controller,” he added. “It doesn’t matter how mad you get when playing a video game — you better not throw your controller. That will guarantee that you will not get an invite back to my house next round.”

Red Bulls player Health Pearce has a related warning — if you’ve got pizza grease or some other sticky stuff on your hands, “It’s just common courtesy to make sure you wash up before you get into a battle. I hate it when my controllers get messed up.”

4. Do Not Leave The Headset Without Warning

“It’s just plain rude to step away from the mic when playing online,” Douzable said. (This guy is a stickler for good manners.) “You have to tell us when you drop offline and walk away for anything more than five minutes. That’s just bad gaming etiquette.”

5. On The Field, The Best Etiquette Is No Etiquette

Despite all of the above rules, you don’t have to be a gentleman when it comes to actual gameplay. “If you’re beating your opponent by six- or seven-nothing, then keep on scoring goals,” Pearce said. “No mercy in video games.”

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Craig Goldstein (@techmywifeplz) has had to replace so many controllers due to poor losers.