Watch Two Dudes Pretend To Be Gay To Pick Up Women [Video]

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As “Guy Code” definitively stated last season, following the Code means being who you are — if you’re gay, be gay! And if you’re straight, be straight…unless you’re Guy Code Blog contributor Ethan Fixell, who (along with his comedy, um, “partner” Dave Ahdoot) miraculously scored a bunch of girls’ numbers by pretending to be into dudes:

The video has gotten thousands of views in just a couple hours, so we reached out to Ethan to describe the experience and whether the results surprised him.

Isn’t this a technique that should backfire? Won’t girls just feel deceived?

The thing is, in order to pull this technique off, you need a) an actual gay guy as your wingman — in this case, our friend Davey Wavey — and b) to be prepared to fail as many times as you’ll succeed. No girl will feel deceived as long as you come clean to her and explain you were attempting it as an experiment…and that you really would like to date her in real life.

Did you get any negative reactions? Anything you had to cut from the video?

We had to cut plenty from the video, as we spent all day doing this, and only had time to show a few interactions. Most of the cuts were rejections, either by girls who were utterly confused, or unconvinced we were actually straight after the reveal. A few ladies later told us they had realized we were straight before we told them so.

Fortunately, we’ve got a “Part Two” coming out in two weeks, in which you can see some of the most embarrassing failures…and a few more successes, too.

Did you subsequently go on a date with any of the girls from the video?

Dave took out a lovely lady he met that day! But we decided not to feature her scene in the video, just in case things work out between the two of them. Best to avoid the possibility of one very awkward conversation they’d need to have with their kids one day.

When you kissed your bro on the lips, did it cause any…y’know…”questioning”?

Dave and I have been friends for so long that kissing him felt more like kissing my brother, if anything. So, no, there was no sexual questioning of any sort.

I will say, however, that I was very surprised by how soft and supple our gay friend Davey’s lips were. They were like…like two ripe plums, just yearning, begging to be bitten…I’m sorry, I need to go.

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